O-DENSE is an improvised visual concert performed by three musicians and a video artist. The music and the moving images form poetic stories and spatial compositions inspiring the participants to pick up impulses from each other.

Proceeding from open structures, Lisa Ullén (piano) Lisen Rylander Löve (saxophone, electronics) and Emma Augustsson (cello) create dense, suggestive, yet simultaneously rhythmic soundscapes. Helene Berg (VJ) live mixes light, pigment and bubbling liquids into abstract projections that can look like a journey through internal tissues as well as through an external space.

O-DENSE live at Frölunda Kulturhus

Line up:

Lisa Ullén is a pianist and composer, born in Seoul, Korea, raised in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. She has studied at the Royal Musical Academy, Stockholm, and has conducted further studies in jazz at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, electro akustic music at the electronic music studio EMS in Stockholm and the Royal Institute of Art. Ullén tours internationally, solo as well in different groups. Her music has been presented at several international festivals and through radio and TV, and she has released some twenty records under her own name. 2018 she received the Swedish Radio prize Jazzkatten for composer of the year, and in 2019 her triple solo CD Piano works received the Manifestprize for Jazz.  


Lisen Rylander Löve is an internationally acclaimed musician and composer from Gothenburg, Sweden, that works in the field of jazz, electronic music, and improvisation. She is working constantly with various bands, project and collaborations. In 2019 she released her first solo album OCEANS which was praised by both audiences and the press and has been described as an uncompromising and multifaceted debut. By mixing acoustic instruments such as saxophone and voice with live electronics and field recordings she creates her suggestive and multi-layered soundscapes. Lisen also composes music for dance, performance and theatre.


Emma Augustsson is a cellist, singer and composer from Borås. Her music is about jazz, folk and classical music with its own expressive language. Active improviser who often and happily collaborates interdisciplinary in contemporary dance, theater, circus and visual arts.

Emma Augustsson in O-DENSE

Helene Berg is an artist, animator and VJ educated at the Royal Academy of Art and Stockholm University of the Arts. She creates music videos, dance films and animated projections for stage shows and concerts. Her work often consists of a combination of analogue and digital techniques and she has a certain passion for loops. In 2018, 14 of her films were shown at the solo exhibition Loops of Light at Dupont Underground in Washington.


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